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50 for 25 in 25 Anniversary Campaign

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Good Neighbour Sponsors: 
Fred Bate & Lauria Autogroup

Today is the last day recognizing our sponsors and donors for our 25th anniversary fundraising campaign. Our final sponsors are our Good Neighbour sponsors, Fred Bate and Lauria Autogroup.

Fred Bate is one of our dedicated ReStore volunteers whom you will find in typically tinkering away in our lighting department, fixing lights and small appliances preparing them to sell. Fred always has a smile and he brightens everyone's day. Thank you Fred for helping us to raise funds towards our build projects.

Lauria Volkswagen & Lauria Hyundai continue to support our efforts over the years, sponsoring events and campaigns like this making it possible for us to achieve our mission. Thank you so much for your support this year.

This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. 25 years of building strength, stability and independence through affordable housing in Northumberland County.

For the past 5 years we have commemorated our anniversary with a non-gala gala fundraiser that has raised over $125,000 towards our build projects. Each year, we state we would like to raise the equivalent of that year's anniversary number in the same number of days, for instance last year our goal was to raise $24,000 in 24 days for our 24th anniversary. Those dollars were spent on current homes under construction which resulted in the dedication of two affordable homes earlier this year.


Now we are preparing for our largest single project with a 7 unit net-zero townhome development in Baltimore, which broke ground in the spring. In addition to this project we also broke ground for a single detached unit in Cobourg in July. Combined we have more units under constructed than ever before.

With 8 units on the horizon, we have set the most ambitious target for our campaign, $50,000.

We are happy to announce that we have an anonymous donor who is willing to contribute up to $25,000 in matching dollars towards the campaign, so we can reach our goal. And that's where you come in. In order to receive the matching $25,000, we need to raise $25,000.


In honour of our 25th, we have decided to include a silver elite sponsorship, where the sponsor is featured every day of our 25 day campaign. All sponsors will be recognized in our ReStore, online for the designated duration listed, as well as at our pre and post media events.

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It's a tall order, so we need to start the ask now. The campaign recognizes sponsors for 25 days starting October 28th until November 21st. This date is significant because it is also the day before National Housing Day, which helps bring awareness to the need for affordable housing in our community. Can you help us by contributing to this campaign?


For information on how you can contribute, please email Melissa Morrison at

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