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2023 Community Impact: The Stats

Updated: Apr 12

At the beginning of 2023, our affiliate set out to assist 52 households through our various programming. This was a part of the overall strategic plan, which asked us to increase our impact in our community where we could. We believe we have exceeded this! In total, 68 households were assisted and most significantly through our affordable housing support programs.

Want the breakdown? Here are the numbers: we served 33 families who were looking to achieve or maintain their affordable housing. 2 families were through the homeownership program & 31 were through the delivery of home repairs support program.

Of the 31 families served through our home repairs suite of programs, 32% were served in Cobourg, & 30% in Trent Hills. Of the types of repairs, 19% were accessibility improvements and 33% ensured that households had warm and dry shelter.

In addition to our main programming, we assist in affordable housing support programs. In all 35 households benefitted from these programs. Our furniture program, second stage housing and global programs all contribute a positive impact to both our local and international communities. Through our furniture program, 17 households were served. For our partnership with Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre, 14 households were served in just under a year! And finally through our tithe program with Habitat Canada, 4 households were helped and many others assisted through Habitat International's supportive programs in Guatamala, Vietnam, Honduras and Haiti.

Where do we go now?

Stay tuned as we set the goals for 2024, with the hope of even greater impact on the communities we serve.

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