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Homemade: Habitat Cookbook & Pre-Order Shortbread Cookies for Thanksgiving

Habitat for Humanity's mandate is to build strength, stability and independence through affordable shelter. But, we know that a home means much more than just a physical dwelling.

Home is place where life happens. And life is full of celebrations and milestones but also simple moments. Preparing food to share with loved ones is among the most common things we do. Through meals, traditions are passed on, kitchen experiments are tried and stories are told.

During the pandemic, it has been a challenge to gather and celebrate over meals. Curbside pick up only and zoom cooking lessons have been a substitute to sitting around a table together. But as restrictions lift, we hope that this cookbook can be used for more than just "porch drop offs" but as a way to reconnect and share some of the joy we have been yearning for.

In this, our first edition cookbook, with the help of our partner families, volunteers and community supporters, we want to share a little comfort in the form of homemade food. We want to encourage you to gather once again, when it's safe, with your loved ones and enjoy.

Nothing pairs better with a homecooked meal than delicious homemade shortbread cookies. We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Roda's Kitchen to offer a Thanksgiving themed set of decorated shortbread cookies. These would be a great addition to any meal. 

Cookies are on pre-order from September 1st - 30th and will be available to pick up on Friday October 7th, just in time for Thanksgiving. Pre-order yours today by clicking the BUY NOW button! 

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