4751 Hwy 45 Baltimore

Dream Project: Building hope for families 

We unveiled plans to build seven affordable townhouse units on the site where everyone gathered, 4751 Highway 45 in Baltimore, in 2023. We acquired the land in the spring of 2022 and has been working on development plans for the last six months. Not only will this be the largest single-development project for Habitat Northumberland, it is also the first time that we are planning to pursue a net zero development. By partnering with ZON Engineering, Simple Life Homes, and Community Power Northumberland, Habitat Northumberland is hoping to build the largest Habitat net zero development in Canada!


“The Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity Northumberland has developed a three-year strategic plan for 2023-2025 with an overarching goal to broaden our impact and reach more people by adapting our service model, thereby facilitating housing stability, security, and empowerment across our region. We plan to do this by responding to the affordable housing shortage, by being an effective community partner, and by committing to maintain a strong, resilient, and sustainable organization,” says David Lester, Chair of the Board for Habitat Northumberland. “This dream project is the ideal example of how we hope to put our strategy into action

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