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Homeownership with Habitat for Humanity Northumberland 

Habitat for Humanity mobilizes community members to build and renovate houses that can be sold to qualifying families through an affordable mortgage.

Interested in homeownership for our Baltimore Project? 


  • Seven Unit Condo Townhome, consisting of two and three bedroom units

  • Net-zero development

  • Location: 4751 Highway 45, Baltimore

  • Quick access to elementary school and community centre

  • Equity sharing program; jointly invested with Habitat in market equity growth

What are the benefits to applicants?

  • No down payment required

  • Turnkey brand-new home

  • Affordable monthly payments include mortgage, condo fees and property taxes

  • Outdoor property maintenance & onsite garbage disposal included in fees

  • Community of Habitat Homeowner neighbours

We invite you to learn more about our application process as outlined below.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • Gross household income range $60, 000 - $100,000

  • Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status in Canada

  • A current resident of Northumberland County

  • Full-time employment for at least one applicant

  • All debts must be in good standing including: no bankruptcy, consumer proposal or debt management plan in the past three years

  • Applicant and co-applicant(s) cannot afford to purchase a home through the conventional market

  • Be willing to contribute 500 volunteer hours on the build site or with other Habitat projects and Habitat led community activities.


The application process is broken down into 4 steps


Complete a short form that gives Habitat a high-level view of the family’s current housing situation and financial stability. Habitat contacts families within 1-2 weeks of receiving the pre-application.  If eligible, the family will be invited to complete a full application. Habitat will always share why a family has not been invited to complete an application and will provide contacts with resources in the community, when applicable.

Full Application

Eligible families will be required to submit documents that support their application. Once the documents are submitted, they will meet with Habitat to complete the application form.  

Application Review

Eligible families will be required to submit documents that support their application. Once the documents are submitted, they will meet with Habitat to complete the application form.  

Decision (Pre-Approval or Decline)

Pre-approval is based on the information submitted at the time of application. It means that the family has demonstrated that they meet all the eligibility requirements. They will sign a pre-approved partnership agreement and begin down the path of homeownership.

If an application is declined, the family will receive written confirmation with the reasoning behind the decline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


What is the partnership program?

Partnerships are key to the Habitat for Humanity homeownership model. Habitat for Humanity forms partnerships with all levels of government, local agencies/organizations and community members to get houses built or renovated. Once a project is complete, Habitat finances the purchase of the house in a limited equity partnership agreement with eligible purchasers. Homeowners benefit from an interest-free mortgage and affordable payment. When the house is sold, they will share in the market growth with Habitat. As homeowners pay down their mortgage, their share of the market growth will increase.

I’d like to apply, but I do not currently live in Northumberland County.

Our partnership opportunities are currently available to residents within the Northumberland County. There are many Habitat offices across Canada. We encourage you to visit and find your local Habitat office.

I am looking for housing right now. Do you have any houses available?

We do not typically have houses available to purchase or rent. The application process can take 1-2 months and if pre-approved, families will need to complete 500 hours of sweat equity. It typically takes families between 8-12 months from pre-approval to complete their hours.

If you are looking for housing now, we recommend that you contact the Help Centre.

What do you mean by financially stable?

Purchasing a house is a lot of responsibility in the short and long term. Applicants must demonstrate that they have strong financial management skills. Good budgeting, paying your bills on time and not taking on too much debt are all signs of strong financial management. Applicants who have filed for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal will not be invited to submit a full application until a discharge has been received and the applicant has established a subsequent 3-year history of income and debt stability.  Applicants who are in the process of repayment through a debt management plan will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. At least one applicant or co-applicant(s) must be employed full-time or full-time-equivalent (Someone who works the equivalent of a full-time position through more than one part-time job). At least one applicant or co-applicant(s) must have at least 3 years of employment history in Canada.

Any other questions?

Please contact our Housing Partnerships team at

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