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Northumberland Paramedics donate decommissioned ambulance to Habitat for Humanity Northumberland

Cobourg, ON – March 21, 2024 – After six years of tireless service on the roads of Northumberland, a former ambulance from the Northumberland Paramedics fleet is transitioning to a new role. Yesterday, Northumberland County Council and Paramedic Chief Susan Brown handed over the keys for a decommissioned ambulance to Habitat for Humanity Northumberland. The donated vehicle will be used to support their efforts to build affordable housing throughout the county.

“We are pleased to see this retired ambulance repurposed to support vital work in our community,” states Northumberland Paramedics Chief Susan Brown. “While the ambulance has reached the end of its recommended life cycle with Northumberland Paramedics, we look forward to seeing it put to great use during its retirement. We are proud to support the important efforts of Habitat for Humanity Northumberland to increase affordable housing in Northumberland.”

The retired ambulance will be used by Habitat for Humanity Northumberland to transfer equipment, materials and supplies to building sites throughout the County, contributing to support Habitat for Humanity’s mission to break the cycle of poverty through promoting homeownership among financially vulnerable individuals and families.

“This donation will be an incredible asset to our build program,” states Habitat for Humanity Northumberland CEO Cathy Borowec. “We are truly grateful for another opportunity to partner with Northumberland Paramedics and want to thank Northumberland County Council and Chief Susan Brown for their continued support.”

In 2012, Northumberland County established a by-law permitting the donation of surplus assets, including retired ambulances. Donations of retired ambulances from the Northumberland Paramedics fleet are prioritized to support non-profit agencies and community emergency management partners that continue to serve residents across the County. 

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