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Baltimore Project breaks ground and announces over 50% of funds secured for Capital Campaign

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Baltimore, ON – Habitat for Humanity Northumberland staff along with the Building Hope with Families campaign cabinet joined Tom Behan of Behan Construction to break ground at 4751 Hwy 45 in Baltimore. This was an important milestone in the project as one year ago today, Habitat for Humanity Northumberland closed on the sale of the land in Baltimore for their 7-unit townhome project.

This development be the largest of its kind for Habitat Northumberland, but it will also be the first time that Habitat Northumberland is pursuing a net-zero development. By partnering with ZON Engineering, Community Power Northumberland, Habitat Northumberland is hoping to build the largest Habitat net-zero development in Canada.

“There are so many moving pieces to this project”, explains Executive Director Meaghan Macdonald, “we really are taking the necessary time to prepare for a project with a variety of different complexities we have not previously tackled, it’s both exciting and a challenge.” The plans for this project have progressed over the last year and are nearing the point where building can take place.

During the first half of 2023, the Building Hope with Families capital campaign cabinet worked hard to secure donors from across the county to help to reach their goal of $400,000 needed to support the project. The cabinet is co-chaired by Jacqueline Pennington & Greg Campbell and supported by members, Lynda Kay, Patti Ley, and Jennifer Lean-Gadbois. Pennington said that over the last few months, the cabinet has reached out to community members for support and have had a positive response. As of today, the cabinet is happy to report that nearly 60% of the goal has been reached.

The cabinet is now reaching out to the community at large to ask for their help as they try to achieve that goal by the end of the summer. With that, Habitat for Humanity Northumberland, the Jacqueline Pennington team along with the help from the Hamilton Township Fire Department are hosting an information & family movie night on Thursday June 8th from 6-9pm at the Baltimore Community Centre. Details about the event are located on the Habitat website –

For more information on the Building Hope with Families capital campaign and to get updates on the progress of this development, please visit

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