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Cameco celebrates 35th anniversary with $100,000 gift for HFHN affordable housing projects

Updated: Apr 12

(reshared Cameco's press release)

(Port Hope, Ontario, Canada – September 28, 2023) – In celebration of its 35th anniversary, Cameco announced today it has pledged a $100,000 gift to Habitat for Humanity Northumberland to help fund affordable housing projects in Northumberland County.

Members of the Cameco leadership team, including Cameco senior vice-president and chief operating officer Brian Reilly, and Fuel Services Division vice-president Dale Clark met with Habitat for Humanity Northumberland staff and volunteers at the building site of 4751 Highway 45 in Baltimore to announce the gift.

“Affordable housing is a major concern for so many people,” said Clark. “Cameco is proud to support Habitat for Humanity Northumberland as they help people achieve the dream of home ownership.”

The first $50,000 of the gift from Cameco has been earmarked to help fund Habitat Northumberland’s Baltimore project – a seven-unit, net-zero townhome development, which broke ground back in May 2023. This is the single largest project for Habitat Northumberland and the largest Habitat for Humanity net-zero development in Canada.

“We are so thrilled to have Cameco Corporation as one of our key partners,” said Meaghan Macdonald, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Northumberland. “With funding commitments like this, we can continue to accelerate our efforts to build high impact, sustainable and affordable housing in our community now.”

In addition to the financial gift, Cameco has also committed to supporting the build with employee volunteer hours through designated Cameco build days. “It is so important to get out in the community and help with the actual work wherever we can,” said Clark. “It’s about more than just writing a cheque; it’s about getting involved and supporting our community.”

Cameco was established on October 5, 1988, and celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. As proud and active members of the local community, Cameco supports a wide variety of local organizations and community projects every year.

To learn more about ways you can support Habitat for Humanity Northumberland, visit

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